Who am I?

My name is Laura Hackney, a graphic designer born and raised in northeastern Massachusetts. I started getting interested in the visual arts when I was a little girl, starting small with paints, pencils, and markers taken to the kitchen table, and moving to digital platforms as I entered high school. Graphic design became an immediate interest for me as I got older and neared college, the perfect combination between the visual arts that I loved, and the interest in digital platforms and computers I had gotten from my father. I have since worked towards honing my skills as a designer, working with many different disciplines within the whole. In my spare time, I still enjoy pursuing these illustrative pursuits from my childhood, alongside my digital projects.

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I studied Graphic Design and Digital media at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont, minoring in Marketing as well. My studies in Graphic Design included typography, publication, three-dimensional design, website design, branding, and print production. Additionally, studies included focuses on critical and design thinking, and the importance of integration within my work, and careful attention to reasoning and logic was learned. When I'm not designing, I like to spend my time with a good book in hand, catching up with friends, playing with my dog, or hiking and exploring to find new amazing views and adventures.

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