I can't remember a time in my life where creating wasn't everything to me.

Born and raised in eastern Massachusetts, I have always had a passion for making and the arts. I was scribbling with marker and crayon before I could really walk. Then it was terrorizing the kitchen table with glue, cut paper, and whatever I could affix to a piece of paper. From there, I studied fine art with painting and drawing lessons and never stopped. Now, I find passion in blending that early love of creating with the technical fascination of digital and beyond.

The past few years have allowed me to cut my teeth in web design, email design, and other digital spaces, pushing me to expand my creative perception beyond any piece of paper or monitor, but rather to a large, ever-changing web of a medium. Yet I still have a love for the hands-on-printed world of design, and I have enjoyed the challenges of switching between digital and print projects, finding ways to interconnect them both. All the while, the passion of having nothing but a good ol' pen or pencil and a piece of paper has guided me to never stop ideating and finding new ways to blend digital with physical.

Want to Get in Touch? I'd love to hear from you! You can always drop me a line at laura.r.hackney@gmail.com. I look forwards to getting in contact!

I'm Laura. Happy to meet you!

-Photo by Barbee Hauzinger